Sunday, October 19, 2008



At the Apple Festival three things prevented me from taking lots of pictures:

  • The blechy cloudy light.
  • The coldness of the air and my subsequent mitten wearage. They're awesome mittens but they really don't lend themselves well to easy camera operation.
  • The realization after the Apple Festival last year that all my photos were like carbon copies of all the photos I'd taken the year before.
So no pictures of the sixty kinds of apples I tried today and no more pictures of the minotaur. One thing that I did take a picture of though was my sister and her favourite hobby. I also got some advice about how to take care of my bees over the winter.

We had dinner at The Naam, which is a vegetarian restaurant in Kits. The food was delicious, especially their salad dressings and carrot cake and I should add that they make a decent cup of tea there too. Good restaurant tea is nearly impossible to find.