Monday, April 20, 2009



Took a trip out into the valley over the weekend.  The weather was very patchy - lots of hail and fat raindrops but occasionally sunny.  You could always see it raining somewhere else though.  One moment a foggy cloud would descend into a valley and the next it would be clear.

We spent a bit of time out on the gravel bars on the Fraser River near Mission, looking for agates.  Seemed like there weren't very many out there to be found.  We need a good flood to shake some new stuff up to the surface.


I know part of that is that my attention span has changed because I use computers so much.  It takes a lot of walking very slowly, concentration and scanning.  It's like a kind of directed meditation, I guess.  If you're doing it right, they just appear in front of you like magic.  You know them when you see them.  They glow.

When I was little, there were agates everywhere and I could fill my pockets easily.  When my dad was little they were everywhere and they were big.  Now it's a lot of work because the sandbars have been pretty picked over.  I still like doing it though.  It's nice to slow down and spend some time outside.