Sunday, April 26, 2009

Smells like victory

pear blossoms

A victory garden that is!

I've resolved to start taking better notes about the garden this year, mostly because it ends up being such a big part of how I spend my time over the summer.  Well, also because I care so much about the environment and food security and local eating and stuff.  Okay, and also because I like to gloat about my spectacular victories at the fair last year (nine ribbons! seven firsts! best in show: fruits, vegetables and nuts!!!).

So indulge me - I'll probably only mention it once a week and probably on Saturdays when no one visits blogs anyways.

Today we got some new fruit trees, a cherry, plum and olive as well as some raspberry canes.  We probably won't get very much fruit off them this year.  I planted an entire stir-fry: pak choi, sui choi and green onions.  I'm excited about the pear tree because it's covered in blossoms this year and it has only ever produced one pear before.

While I was turning over the beds I found the skeletons of two dead rats sheltered together beneath the newspaper.  Aside from a bit of dried skin on their scaly tails, the bugs had picked them clean.  They were contorted in positions that suggested an agonizing death.  One day I hope they make a rat poison that just makes them go to sleep very peacefully.

I buried them in the lawn without taking a picture.  For quite a while afterward my shovel would scrape up against things - rocks, dried leaves - and make a high-pitched squeal that really creeped me out.