Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo


Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, the international celebration of my mother's birthday.  We arrived at work and dragged her out for dinner.  Dragged is an appropriate verb here because she can be pretty hard to get out of the office sometimes.  I trailed her as she made a bunch of trips around the office and then somehow she lost me and I couldn't find her anywhere.

Just about the time we thought we'd succeeded, the office sucked her back up again because she'd forgotten her bag.  Is her bag really that essential?  Apparently yes.  Dinner was nice when we finally got to it.

Other than continuing my job search my mission this week is to actually learn Adobe Illustrator.  I'm no expert at InDesign or Photoshop but I can use them and have the finished product look alright.  I've been taught a bit of it and I've learned a lot from playing and feeling my way around.  For whatever reason, I've never been able to do that with Illustrator.  It's one of the most frustrating programs I've ever tried to use so we'll see how I do with it.

Tomorrow if the weather's nice I'm going to go hiking and see if I can take some pictures.