Saturday, May 09, 2009

The creation of a fantastically large litterbox


I've spent the past two days shoveling a small mountain of sand that appeared in front of our house into the back yard in order to turn the back yard into one of the most fantastic litterboxes that the neighbourhood has ever seen.  Any cat who is anyone has already been around to use it.

You see, a couple of days ago the parental unit looked out into the back yard and they snapped.  Up until this point, the lawn has been more weeds than grass, perpetually lumpy and in all but the driest of seasons it tends to be waterlogged, the soil a claylike muck that likes to form huge dirt clods on the bottom of your shoes that refuse to fall off until you're in the house.

No, the weeds definitely have to go and this calls for drastic measures.  The back yard is to be covered with a layer of sand, and then a layer of topsoil and then completely reseeded.  Since I am currently unemployed this is my new job.  

Just over the fence, the neighbours have completely let their garden go.

We shall see how effective all this will be.