Thursday, May 21, 2009

This post brought to you by the tungsten setting on my camera


I went hiking with my camera the other day and somehow or other managed to take all my pictures with the white balance all wrong so everything looks very blue and washed out.  They kind of remind me of those really tacky paintings you can get in Chinatown or in dollar stores that show the Yangtze River and a waterfall that lights up with little lights.  The fact that I have photographed such a thing makes me want to whack myself.

Anyways, out on the dikes the birds were singing.  We didn't really see very many.  What we did see were bugs.  Not the bitey kind.  More like the eating-the-bitey kind and the eaten-by-birds kind, which is probably why there were so many birds. 

I'm not all that good at identifying these things.  I'm good at the plants and animals but once we get into the lichens and bugs my knowledge fails me.  I guess I have to go back to girl guides.

I chased some dragonflies around for a bit but I didn't manage to get any spectacular photos.  Not that they'd be spectacular anyways because they're all very blue.

It's been nonstop yardwork here.  My only reward for being so awesome at yardwork is more yardwork.  Such is life.