Wednesday, March 05, 2008

40/365: Grumpy Tom

Tom refers to his son affectionally as "the little shit" and is very careful to make sure the kid knows that he takes no joy in anything that he does. Under his careful tutelage the boy is turning into a sour little asshole.

He had a dog but neglected her until someone had to take her away because she had nearly barked herself hoarse and was becoming a nuissance.

For him bigger is better. He's got the big boat, the big RV, the big seadoos, the big garage to put them all in, and the big garage extension he built because he needs more room for it all. It doesn't seem to matter to him that he never actually uses this stuff.

He had to build a giant extension for his deck to accomodate the extra people he can cook for with his industrial sized barbecue. The deck now sits directly above the fence, overlooking my parents' yard and the barbecue floods the yard with smoke and the sickening smell of charred meat.