Monday, March 31, 2008

Dear dysfunctional group project from hell,

Please go back to where you came from. I've had enough of you.

Please take away group members that disappear for eight weeks and then randomly arrive and attempt to take control over the group.

Please rid me of group members that use the power vacuum to justify their complete lack of action on anything, and who then email me privately to ask what's going on.

Please help me avoid getting really terse with people who will not stop talking about wearing costumes while the essential parts of the project have yet to be covered.

Please stop them from spewing random crap all over the above mentioned wiki instead of attempting to organize these things or fit them into the outline for the project in some way.

Please save us from the sudden appearance of uncited quotes in our paper, and people who have no idea where they came from.

Please for the love of all things holy learn to use Google Docs instead of some random wiki site that is hard to use, buggy and limited in its capabilities and features. I'm tired of the two emails per day that I get from it.

Seriously, you suck.