Thursday, March 13, 2008

The other version of Bladerunner

My parents used to watch horror, thrillers, dystopian futurist fantasies and the like. They don't anymore, but before a certain point sometime just after I was born they seem to have seen most of them.

But beyond that there were some genres we just never rented or watched so there are huge blank spots in my film knowledge. Oh, sure, we'd be looking at the selection of films we could rent and my parents would say something like "Oh, that was a good film" or "That was really big when it came out, it had this scene where something really cool happened..." and then they'd say we should rent it one day. I'd ask "why not get it today?" but the answer was often no.

I've tracked down and watched a few of these films on my own, but there are tons I still haven't seen.

To satisfy my curiosity, my parents would often give me plot synopses, stuff like about how some guy was looking for another guy who knew something about his father. I've heard some of these summaries more than once, so I know them pretty well, or at least my parents' versions of them.

One such film was Bladerunner, which I finally saw in class today, and all I want to know is where the cannibalism was. And that guy? You know, that guy who went over to the other side? And the guy who got framed and now they're all after him? I seriously didn't see it.

The question is which movie my parents saw.