Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I'm not all that unpredictable, really. This is the time of the semester where I spend most of my time thinking about all the wonderful artistic projects that I could be doing if I didn't have school.

Like I want to turn a wooden vase on a lathe, burn a line drawing into it and then stain it with watercolours and seal it with laquer.

And I want to make a series of glass kites that look like birds to hang around my apartment.

And I want to cast silver and bronze and cut gemstones and paint canvases.

I want to make casts of my feet in blue fibreglass, mount them upside-down on a piece of mahogany and shine a light through them as a table lamp.

I want to design a dramatic, asymmetrical, goldfish themed lace stole in silk thread.

I want to shoot the film I wrote in grade 11. It's scripted and storyboarded, but it just sits there.

I want to animate the other film I have shelved.

I want to actually get good at photography.

I want to design and make my entire wardrobe.

I want to change this blog into more of a moleskine, a creative outpouring of stuff that more than five people would actually want to read (though you are an awesome five people).

For the most part I have the skills and the equipment with which to do this stuff. I just don't have the time or the ability to follow through with creative things before I get bored and think of something else.

I'm all talk and no action.