Sunday, October 05, 2008

Attack of the relatives!

This weekend has been consumed with relatives. My aunt's cousin passed away suddenly last week so my aunt and uncle are here for the funeral.

They had assumed that the service would have been within a week of the death so they booked return tickets from Ontario only to find out that it's going to be next week. While they've been stranded out here they've been looking up relatives to visit.

We had lunch with them on Saturday and while we were there he invited us for lunch today with my great aunt Elsie. I'd never met her before and knew nothing about her except that she was my grandfather's sister. Her name would come up fairly often because she's the only one still alive, but she was always like some sort of imaginary relative because no one knew how to contact her. My dad would ask his mother about her every time we visited but she didn't know her last name.

Uncle Lloyd's far more into family unity than us so somehow he managed to track her down, and through her, another cousin. She's scrappy and disagreeable, but at the same time she seems pretty worried that she won't be able to pass some things along before she dies. She was glad to talk to us.

Some stories I'd heard before, some I hadn't. Other stories were ones I knew with some major changes to them. It's funny how we all have our own way of remembering things.

She had pictures. I took pictures of the pictures but my camera is dead and needs charging. They'll come later.