Thursday, October 02, 2008

Long day.

My day started out not so good but got steadily better, especially once I sat down to some nice, soothing work in the lab. I love being able to tune out everything and work on the minute details of a project. It's the same as drawing, I guess.

After class I went to the communication symposium because it's a good event with lots of interesting presentations to watch. Well, that and the free food and wine and because one of the door prizes was free tuition for a course. I didn't get the tuition but I got a coupon for free cookies and a new mug so yay me.

This year the panel discussion was on corporate social responsibility. It's always interesting to see who is able to step out of the role of PR person and who doesn't. Some people can be quite candid about their career choices and what it's like to work where they do and other people never seem to stray from the official line.

It was nice to see some grads that I haven't seen for a while. I've sat here for a while now trying to think of an interesting way to elaborate on that so I guess I won't.

As I sit here my legs are that really restless kind of sore so I guess I spent a little too much time standing around today, but it was the good kind of standing around.

I'm going to do everyone a favour and go to bed before this post gets any more dumb and pointless.