Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year. I sent off an email to someone on Wednesday telling them that I'd see them on Monday and they replied that they'd see me the following Monday because this coming one is a holiday.

Good thing I didn't have any major plans that I'd forgotten. I have plans for Christmas, but Christmas never sneaks up on anyone. Christmas stuff has been in stores for a couple weeks now. But Thanksgiving? Super stealth!

We usually pre-order a turkey from an organic free-range turkey farm, which is kind of fun because once it's time to pick the thing up you never quite know how big it's going to be. Turkey surprise! This year it was just shy of eighteen pounds.

After dinner there was a lot of bird leftover so dad decided that maybe it would fit in the refrigerator better if he disassembled it and then piled it back on the platter. It was a complicated procedure that involved several plates and knives and then a careful reassembling of the meat and bones back on the platter.

The whole thing ended up being the exact same size it had been previously, only less appetizing. As he said "I'm glad I'm not God because if I had to put together a turkey from scratch it would look pretty fucking weird."