Tuesday, October 07, 2008

School is turning me into a design Nazi

I'm supposed to redesign an ugly newsletter for class so I headed off to the library where you can get all sorts of low-budget publications made by nonprofits and community service organizations. I picked up a gold mine of inspiration off the free community publication racks.

Putting pictures of them up here is tempting, but I would feel bad singling out organizations and the people who obviously worked really hard on these things.

So needless to say, I'm stuck between choosing:

The attack of the stroked boxes! In which every single piece of text is inside a box. Or two boxes. Or three boxes. The text must be contained otherwise it will jump out and bite you! Not only that, the boxes don't seem to be aligned to anything or to each other so they look weird in a way that is not immediately evident.

The proud Mac users who have clearly not absorbed any of the Apple aesthetic. Flagrant use of Zapf Chancery, centred text that is inexplicably off-centre, long, monotonous blocks of text that wraps around photos in a weird looking way.

Fearless dedication to a one-column-all-text layout with one pica (really small) margins all around and NO WHITE SPACE printed on eye blistering yellow stock and invisible headlines, due to the fact that they're pretty much the same size and font as everything else.

I'll sleep on it.