Sunday, December 02, 2007

1X365: The Circles Man


Schmutzie and The Palinode are doing it with some pretty cool results so I thought I'd try my hand at x365, a project where you make 365 posts about 365 people you know, have met or have influenced you in some way. Today I bring you the circles man.

The circles man circles. That's what he does. Every day for as long as I've been living in my neighbourhood he's walked up and down the street, the same five over-long blocks. It's always the south side of the street, never the north. I'm not sure how many times he does it per day, but he's out a lot.

When the circles man gets to a corner, he stops, then turns a tight circle, before continuing on in the same direction. When he decides to turn around to go back, he circles twice.

Sometimes he asks me where I'm going, or what book I'm carrying. His accent wanders and I can't place it. "If you get much smarter," he says, "you won't want to talk to me anymore," but I tell him that will never happen.