Saturday, December 08, 2007

6x365: Paul

You think you know someone and then it turns out that you don't.

Take Paul, for example. You can know him for a long time and then every couple of months he drops something completely random about himself on you, and it's always something you couldn't possibly have expected.

I knew from the beginning that he doesn't believe in computers. He only checks his email maybe once or twice a week. Then I found out completely randomly a couple months ago that the reason why he is not overweight in spite of his ridiculously horrible diet is because he does a lot of yoga. That one was a little harder to see coming because he really doesn't look like the type.

I guess those things aren't really all that exciting. But all of a sudden yesterday I found out that he has a hemaphroditic cat that was mostly male, but is now neutered to preserve it's 'itness'. It is named 'The Beef' and it has manic and obsessive compulsive tendencies.

Further to that, in a past life he worked for a local news magazine and under his direction produced a sex issue in which there was a photograph of bare breasts. In response to the complaints of some feminist groups that he wasn't treating male and female bodies equally he apparently stuck pictures of penises in the margins of the next issue.