Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Needed diversions


To get away from my papers I met Alison and Balbs for tea at Steeps today. I'm always surprised at the variety there. There's a huge rack of aluminum tins with loosleaf teas that you can open and smell before deciding which one you want. I always go through at least half of them. It's amazing how many variations on the dried-plants-you-stick-in-hot-water theme there is.

The other thing that I like about the place is that you get your own personal French press teapot and then you can choose which kind of teacup you want. I was in a delicate, flowery china cup and saucer mood today.

At the back of the bus on the way home three people started singing, two men doing a harmony and a woman singing a melody over them. Nice and soulful.

I came across the word "puerile" in a book I was reading and I think it was probably the first time I've ever come across that word before. My little brain jumped for joy and spat out puer, pueri, declension II, masuline, little boy, which made me smile inwardly with Latin love.

Then, walking home from the busstop, I passed a man who was singing aloud, which made me beam from ear to ear. I hopped the last half block home.

Sometimes it only takes little things.