Sunday, January 20, 2008

22/365: D.P.

I kind of think of her as a giant, blobby succubus, even if it's not all that nice of me. All through high school she remained permanently latched to us and there was nothing that we could do about it. She was older - I'm not completely sure by how much.

In her mid-20s, out of school without having graduated, morbidly obese and having never had a job of any kind ever, we were all subjected often to her pleas for entertainment. Soon finding that no one was particularly interested in dropping work, school and other commitments to spend time babysitting her, she looked elsewhere.

She found just what she needed online. She met a man while playing Puzzle Pirates, and they soon became really, really close. He was just her speed. However, in all of this it didn't really occur to her that the boyfriend she met through a children's game site was actually 11 years old until his mother found some rather salacious chat logs on the family computer and decided to have her charged with sexual abuse.

Fortunately for all of us her mother has banned her from the internet now.