Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Your questions answered, out of context, twenty-four seven.


A lot of people arrive here with questions, and I find the answers are far more interesting than the questions themselves. So here goes:

Yes, indeed, I know the words to the prune song, and posted them a couple years ago, here. (Believe it or not, I have gotten 2-5 searches for that song per day since I put that post up.)

I don't know what a newborn alligator's name is. Perhaps you should ask the parents.

Sorry, I don't know where you can find a fabric store in Narita, but if you happen to find one with a good selection of tweeds and suiting, I'd be interested in knowing, just in case I randomly find myself in Japan. I've become quite enamoured with them of late.

Seems to me that digging blackheads out with your fingernails sounds kind of dangerous. You might have better success with some sort of face scrub that has both salicylic acid and ground up pumice in it. Or, if it's horribly, intolerably bad, talk to a doctor about it.

In my experience broccoli doesn't get moldy so much as it just liquefies in the bag in the bottom of the fridge.

The Shakespeare play with the ear poison is Hamlet.

Yes, Roy Dupuis is awesome.

Mercedes Five and Dime was an album by the now most likely defunct band Moist. It's somewhat softer than their earlier stuff. No, you can't have my copy.

I guess the simple answer would be that a Scandinavian craft is a craft made by a Scandinavian. These days I think they make pretty much the same kinds of crafts as everyone else. If you're thinking of traditional stuff, maybe try googling something like "tvaandsstickning" or "twined knitting."

When a cat is headless, it's probably dead. Sorry.

The phrase "strep weeping sore" brings up a host of bad memories. I don't feel like talking about it.

I don't know why "we" go to university. All I can speak for is myself, and that reason is that it beats work. As much as the people I work with are really incredibly nice to me, and as much as I get paid reasonably well, my job has the habit of turning my brain into a sponge. It renders simple tasks at home like blogging, drawing or other such creative activities complete agony and I feel burnt out. I'm of the opinion that exposing oneself to new ideas and people and learning to think is good for you and improves your quality of life regardless of the amount you end up earning afterward. It's not about getting a "good" job. I think if that's the only reason you're in school you're missing the point. Elitist, I know.

Don't quote me on this, but I was watching a documentary once and the narrator said that the sexual habits of alligators and crocodiles are mysterious and very undocumented, so sorry, I can't help you there.

Dressew isn't selling chocolate right now, and may not in the future. In addition to their regular stock, they seem to buy up lots of all sorts of random things from businesses that are liquidating, and this is the sort of stuff that may only ever come in once. The $20 15lb cases of Belgian chocolate were that kind of stock.