Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Office space

The problem with short project contracts is that I don't have my own desk. In the evening I have to gather everything I've been working on into files and stash them somewhere in someone else's work space. Sometimes that screws me up

The interesting thing though is the difference between all the different work spaces. The rule is always don't touch or move things you don't need to. Leave everything as close to as you found it as possible.

I find it fascinating, though, the little bits of ephemera that people surround themselves with, how certain aspects of their personal lives are brought in, and others, undoubtedly are left out.

On Friday it was fridge magnets and post-it notes with important information like REMEMBER the Dinner fixings in the Fridge!!! Today it's mountains of paper that I dare not touch. The hand cream sitting beside my computer monitor is not just any kind of hand cream, it's "efficacious" in its description. Must be good, because I've never heard of hand cream described in that way before. Beside it sits a dog's breakfast of telephone cable leading towards the phone. I like the randomness of it.

It has always been a hobby of mine to take these little things and see what I can reconstruct from them. As far back as I could remember I've always had this sense that I don't fit in anywhere and I've never known what to do about it. At some point or other we've learned the majority of our behaviour through watching and mimicing others. Eventually you're supposed to learn how to act and it becomes second nature, but I never got to that point, so I watch people. I really come by my love of sociology naturally.