Wednesday, January 09, 2008

5000 Spells


So for Christmas mom got a book called 5000 Spells, and the idea was that she would sneak it onto the shelf in her office between all her personnell files and wait for someone to notice, because most of the time human resources is a kind of magic anyways.

But she decided to open it up and have a look, and the first spell she looked at involved laying her naked on a white sheet in the front yard and throwing popcorn on her until she was covered. I'm not entirely sure what that was supposed to accomplish but it was hilarious at the time.

For now mom's staying fully clothed, but knowing us, I don't think the neighbours would have been the least bit surprised.

Sometimes I wonder how these things get made up though. I can just see a bunch of guys sitting around a fire saying "dude, what will we do to end this drought? Jumping up and down on one leg really didn't help."

"I know, maybe we should get a woman naked and throw popcorn at her."