Thursday, January 10, 2008

Surveillance stories


New classes this week. Yesterday it was ecological sociology with the most laid back prof I've had in a long time. No due dates, no late penalties and early dismissals. He seems to do a reasonably decent job of engaging people and getting them all to talk too.

One class called "Leadership in Sustainable Community Development" which I was really, really psyched about but now I'm not so sure. It's exactly the opposite pedagogically, mostly lecture and lecture and deadlines every week and no dinner break and dismissal at 9:30. Hopefully we can suggest some improvements to the running of the course.

Then a class with two of the most awesome profs ever about surveillance in film. We watched Rear Window today and we're going to watch a lot more so it should be good. We were invited to tell our own stories about surveillance and I should have told this one:

At one point in time in their relationship grandma became convinced that old weird Harold was cheating on her. She contacted one of her friends, who was a phone operator at the time and together they organized a wire tap.

They learned that indeed, there was an affair happening, and the friend was able to learn, by the sound of the dialing, what the phone number of the girlfriend was, and through the reverse directory, she learned the girlfriend's address and paid her a visit.

Meanwhile, she also listed Harold as deceased in the obituaries.

They never once talked about it, but the affair was pretty much over after that. Pretty clever, though if you ask me, it would have been smarter in the long run if she had just divorced him then and there.