Wednesday, January 30, 2008

29/365: Tyler

Tyler lived in the housing complex behind the Dairy Queen. You know the one. It has those light-up plastic ice cream cones that get stolen on a weekly basis.

His family was obsessed with karaoke. They had their own machine and tons of discs for it, and another friend who lived just above them often complained that it seemed as if every night was karaoke night. Every once in a while his mom would bring the karaoke machine in to school for music class, which provided a welcome change from playing Beatles songs on the guitar and Elvis sing-along with piano accompaniment.

The only song we knew on the karaoke machine was the Flintstones theme song, so we'd sing it over and over and watch the accompanying images of women dancing in bikinis.

At one point in time I became convinced that Tyler was colourblind, but he always denied it. I don't know, maybe he just liked drawing people with olive green hair.