Saturday, August 23, 2008

90/365: Uncle Lloyd

If you google him one of the first few results will be the Tamil Tigers who have apparently relied heavily on one of the articles that he wrote about Quebec separatists to justify their cause. I told him this one day and he said that it was widely regarded as his best article ever, not by him, mind you, but others. He's pompous and self-important, but I kind of like that. There must be something to it because you don't get to be a professor emeritus unless you've achieved at least some level of respect.

He's been to each continent at least twice, including Antarctica. Every time he comes home he speaks another language, but French and German the best. French because he worked in the civil service and German because he spent his sabbaticals teaching political science in Austria.

I rated him as "hot" on but it didn't stick for very long.