Monday, August 04, 2008



Well, I'm back from Victoria now and I'm going to see if I can get the pictures off my comupter without crashing it. I had anticipated having some internet access while I was over there but I was either busy, asleep or just not able to find any.

IMG_7408_1Abby and I went over on transit, which for us means six hours and five buses in addition to the ferry. All was well until we got downtown to Burrard Station where we waited to take the 601 into Delta. The bus was out of service so we got on another 601 that was sitting near it.

We sat on that for a while until the bus was nearly ready to leave, when the bus driver suddenly announced that it was not the bus we wanted and that he'd forgotten to change the sign.

We hopped back out and waited beside the broken down bus. It wasn't really broken down. It was just that the wheelchair lift had been used and wouldn't retract back underneath the stairs again so the front doors wouldn't close. The technician fiddled around with it manually for a while with little success but then as a last ditch effort he sprayed some WD-40 all over it and then it worked.

The bus left too late from the station for us to catch the next one, or so we thought. The driver called Translink central control to see if they would hold the next bus back a few minutes and then he drove like a bat out of hell to get to Ladner station, honking and tailgating pretty much the whole time.

We made it! In fact, we got to the station almost on time, in spite of leaving about 10 minutes late. The next bus also went really fast to catch the ferry, so fast that it nearly tail-ended a car in front of it. The bus swerved and left tire tracks on the road and the whole thing filled up with the smell of burnt rubber. The excitement!


Once onboard we lamented the lack of sunshine breakfasts on the menu. Sure, everyone used to complain about them but that's only because they secretly loved to hate them. They should bring them back. Screw the White Spot menu and the new "healthy choices" stuff that they charge an exorbitant amount for. I want the greasy milk carton eggs and sausages.

We ended up with burgers instead and someone had gotten a little too overzealous with the relish on mine. I just can't condone the overuse of condiments. It's just wrong. That is... unless it is either mayonnaise or sour cream, but I digress.

But now it's time for me to go to bed. I'll write more later.