Thursday, August 14, 2008

Black balls

IMG_7440_1I don't usually talk about work because because but today I'll make an exception.

We were all talking about our weekend plans and someone asked one of our coworkers what her plans were. She said that she didn't have any, so someone suggested that she would be spending the whole weekend with her cat. She turned to us and said "he's very well endowed, you know."

It was so damn random that we were shocked and told her so. She then proceeded to tell us the story about how he's a grey and white cat but he had the hugest black testicles and that she took him to the vet to be fixed and the vet was amazed.

We kept laughing and asking her why the hell she was telling us that, and what it had to do with anything. She said it was because the guys like to talk about girls all the time. We told her that that was no reason to bring up her cat's genitalia in conversation.


I waited for my bus at the train station for 25 minutes until I decided that I was hot and tired and wanted to go home. I started walking and halfway home the bus found me. All the people inside were waving at me and they made the driver stop and pick me up. Is this what it feels like to have neighbours?