Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a busy beaver.


I've been a busy, busy little beaver. When I had had enough of being unemployed I got off my ass and found some things to do. I approached a number of local nonprofits to see if I could help them in some sort of personal portfolio and or resume enhancing way.

It turns out that I'm needed! In fact, I'm probably needed far more than my schedule and abilities would allow.

But this means that I have lots of little projects on the go right now that will hopefully eventually help me find a job that I don't hate.

And it seems that other cool things are starting to come out of this too. When I arrived at one place to help out, I was asked out of the blue if I wanted to co-author a weekly column in the local newspaper. Of course I said yes so now I'm busy writing stuff for that so we'll have a few ready to go before September.

It's nice because it gives me things to think about while I'm doing mindless stuff at work.