Friday, August 01, 2008

It was a shitty day at work, literally

Today at work people began to notice a really gross, poopy smell, and it was discovered that it was coming from the stairwell. Rumours flew until someone braved the grossness to check it out.

It turns out that some unidentified person went to the trouble of smearing the walls, handrails and stairs in the stairwells with shit. This person covered twelve floors with it.

No one is quite sure how such a volume of feces got into the building or how the person managed to distribute it so widely without anyone noticing. It boggles the mind.

Thanks to the miracle of office building ventilation the smell circulated all over, though admittedly it wasn't all that bad in my area. It had us afraid to go to the lunch room to get water or to the washroom though.

Eventually after the initial shock of the event wore off a special cleaning crew was called in, and though the smell lingered a bit, it was soon overshadowed by a heavy, antiseptic odour.