Thursday, August 07, 2008

Attack of the taxpayer-funded chintz

Government House

Government House

For the official residence of the Lieutenant Governor and the Queen when she's in town, Government house is kind of austere. It has been burnt to the ground and rebuilt twice, and along the way it's lost a bit of its original splendour. Though as a taxpayer, I think that maybe it's good that they didn't spend so much this time around.

One thing they could have spent money on was a sprinkler system though. Apparently they cheaped out on that so we should all cross our fingers.

dining room

the view from Government House, Victoria

It has a pretty nice view though.

On our way through, the official photographer kept following me around. Maybe I'm photogenic or something. Who knows? Maybe I'm just the perfect addition to an annual report or a tourist brochure.

We were just about to leave when the uniformed woman at the front door asked if we needed to use the washroom. "Are you sure you don't need to go?" she asked, "the washrooms are worth seeing, not to be missed."

I was incredulous, but I went downstairs to have a look.

Now, chances are you have already scrolled down and had a look at the picture. Shame on you, because I'm not finished priming you for it yet. What you have to realize is that the decor in all of the rooms I saw up until that point had been really tastefully done. Lots of woodwork, antique furnature, stained glass windows, Canadian artwork and prints.

And then there was the bathroom.

taxpayer funded chintzy bathroom

The taxpayer-funded pink chintzy bathroom with upholstered powder room stools.


with ballet dancers!

Chintz with ballet dancers!

My good lord it was pink. It made me scream. The pictures do not do it justice.

I can't handle the chintz

Okay, maybe I'm not that photogenic, at least not in the face of so much pink chintz.