Sunday, August 17, 2008

The sweater sprint

IMG_7502_1Oh, and did I tell you that I'm knitting a sweater from start to finish for the duration of the Olympics? Now I did. Someone invited me to join Team Canada on Ravelry so I did and now I'm knitting this sweater.

Unfortunately it seems to be affecting my blogging a lot, especially with work. I get to the end of the day, just before I have to go to bed to get the requisite hours sleep for me to function at work I suddenly have to put together a post so that you don't all think I've forgotten about you.

Perhaps more importantly, I've been really bad at reading other peoples' blogs lately. So sorry all you people out there.

So while that eats away at my time and attention, why not see what I was blogging about at this time of year?

One year ago today my sister and I were admonishing people who don't recycle and being positive role models.

Two years ago today I posted a video about Alfonso the hexoplegic wasp, which is unfortunatley no longer on Youtube.

Three years ago today I wrote a post that isn't worth reading about how I lost my ride to work, lost a coworker because he'd failed a drill and my sudden paranoia about my own job security, had a sore throat and the basement flooded.

Four years ago tomorrow a building inspector came to "look for asbestos" so that my house could be torn down. He gouged the shit out of walls and tiles with his knife and neglected to check the one place where there actually probably was asbestos. I was pissed off.

Go knitting Team Canada!