Tuesday, February 19, 2008

35/365: C.F.

His enthusiasm was strangely endearing, while his lack of confidence was extremely offputting. He was trying to get my attention and he was trying way too hard. His eyes were odd. The irises were pale, barely darker than the whites of his eyes and the eyes themselves were very open and very focused on me at all times and I found it hard to look at his face.

Under the favourite books section on his Facebook profile he had listed the Life of Pi, spelled Pie, with a note saying that he hadn't actually read it but that if he had it would be his favourite book because girls like it when you read stuff.

He wanted to know what I study at school. I told him about my research into mommyblogs, gender and identity. "Isn't blogging just mindless self-indulgence?" he asked.

Indeed. Indeed.