Tuesday, February 26, 2008



There's a couple making out in a car just outside my window, but they're not in my parking spot so they don't warrant much attention from me. But I couldn't help but notice as I walked by, returning from the park, that they've got a rather large kleenex box sitting up on their dashboard and that reminds me of something.

Sometime before they demolished our old house Dad borrowed a projector screen from school and pulled out all the old family slides. There were a few photos of my grandparents' house on Clarke Road in Coquitlam, their garden, which was quite unique and my Dad scubadiving.

The bulk of them though were of family road trips across the US and Canada, mostly of my grandfather, dad and his sister, and the rare shot of grandma because she was usually the one behind the camera.

The real star of the show, though? Nearly all the landscape shots were taken from the passenger seat of the car, and on the dashboard in almost all of them was a turquoise plastic kleenex box. In fact, there were more pictures of the kleenex box than there were of any of my relatives.

By the end of the night it had become a bit of a joke.

Gerberas from the people in my office because I'm appreciated. :)