Tuesday, February 19, 2008


IMG_6714_1Today it was gorgeous out and I thought that I would go outside but evidently not. I found lots to keep me busy inside, which is just as well because I was feeling kind of achey and bloaty and not at my best and I ate half a batch of cookie dough.

I scrubbed out my bathtub because it was fast approaching neon green, and I happen to know that it's supposed to be white. I also pulled a big lump of matted hair out of the drain because it was plugged. The person who designed the drain was an idiot because the drain plug is built in so there's no possible way you could stick a hair trap in there. I need a hair trap. Preferably an industrial sized one.

I plug drains really quickly. I also plug vacuum cleaner bags. I shed so much hair it rolls across the floor in balls like sage brush.

It's so long that no normal hair towel can contain it. See? I got these towels for Christmas and the hair towel just isn't cutting it. Rumour has it that Jysk has decent sized hair towels but I haven't been there yet, so until then the ends of my har will curl and drip all over my shoulders.

I'll let you in on a secret too. I can see into the future. Nothing will happen for three to four months but then after that this post will begin to get comments to the effect of "i wanna see u take that off" and "mm yr hott plz shew us yr tits." I will quietly delete them as they appear. I know this because that's what has happened every single time I have posted a picture of myself in the bathroom mirror. Either it's magic or the people on the internet are super predictable.

I planted lettuce too, but I have to keep it inside until it warms up. I find one large window box full of miscellaneous greens is enough for me to have salad every day in the summer.


Still too small.