Friday, February 08, 2008


I bought a pair of shoes a couple of months ago and I haven't really worn them much. I remember them being fairly comfy when I tried them on in the store, but since then they have become increasingly uncomfortable, especially the left foot, which has also developed a very loud squeak.

Every time I have worn these shoes I have thought to myself that they're so damn uncomfortable and that maybe there's something inside them that I can fix and that when I get home I'll take them off and have a look.

It's just like how I always think to myself that I really should throw out a pair of holey socks just as I'm putting them on. I resolve to get rid of them that night once they are off, but instead I'll throw them in with the laundry, into my dresser and back onto my feet. My short term memory isn't overly good sometimes, unless it's remembering useless information.

Today after wearing them outside for a couple of minutes I returned home because there was something really annoyingly uncomfortable digging into the top of my left foot.

I took off my shoes and began to walk into my apartment when all of a sudden I got a brilliant idea! Why don't I look inside my shoe and see if something in there is the problem? And what do you know? There was a big piece of cardboard in there, the kind that they put inside of shoes while shipping them so that the toes don't get crunched in.

The question is why it took me three months to arrive at that conclusion.