Sunday, February 03, 2008

How my mom got a degree in economics

"You know Gary, I've talked about him before."

"Which Gary?" mom asked.

"You know, the one that tells the story about the early days of the School of Communication at SFU, back when they were really weird. He's got the this story about how in a lecture one of the profs shut off all the lights in the lecture hall, and came in late wearing a robe or something and carrying a long tapered candle with some poor student he'd found out in the hall carrying a boom box with weird music on it.

He walked slowly down the stairs of the 300 seat lecture hall by the light of the candle, and then, turning to face the students, he began to sway and make odd noises..."

"I was in that class!"

"You were in a class with Gary?"

"That class was what made me switch my major to economics."