Saturday, February 09, 2008


Dear Tom,

I had a dream last night that I flew out to see you and we went to some sort of carnival/fair and you were driving the ugliest yellow/cream coloured Volvo I had ever seen. We parked in the middle of a drag racing track and then promptly got separated.

I wandered around for a while, not overly concerned. I had some lunch and considered borrowing someone's phone to call you but I wasn't sure if it would be long distance or not so I didn't. I wandered back to where the car was parked, but it was gone. It was then that I started to worry a bit.

I climbed to the top of a flagpole to see if I could find you that way, and luckily you had a large catepillar thing that jumped up and down on your shoulder and I saw that. To get to you I had to slosh through some knee deep mud and across a set of zig-zagged teak bridges that were over a giant crevasse in the middle of the fairgrounds.

You were angry because I had wasted so much time and screwed up whatever dinner plans you had made. You were also wearing a really nice sweater. Your assignment for today is to find a sweater like the one you were wearing in my dream because it looked really good on you. You told me that I should become acquainted with the person you were standing beside because I had a lot of people to meet and I talked to her for a while, and you promptly disappeared.

I wandered around for a while. I took a tour through an old bus that had been tole painted and took some time to watch the demolition derby/monster truck/elephant show. Somehow in all of this I lost my camera and bag and went looking for those.

I never found my camera but I did find the partial contents of my bag: notebooks and stuff. They were scattered on a pier and some were floating in the water below. I couldn't find my textbooks for school and was pissed off because those things are so damn expensive.

Then I woke up.