Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bikes and dikes and tupperware, oh my!


I've finally decided to get a gym membership, but I think I'll put it off as long as the weather's still good. Why pay to do stuff inside when you can go outside for free? So in the spirit of going outside I took a nice tour of the dikes today because it was sunny and I had nothing better to do.

The world must be ending because four hours of bike riding never used to make me this saddlesore. I think this probably means that I don't ride my bike enough.

I spent some time down by the river too, getting myself scratched up in thorns, covered in burrs and surprisingly enough, not eaten by mosquitoes.

Sometimes I forget about the noise canons that they shoot near the blueberry fields to scare the birds. They are something that I'm used to hearing once or twice as I drive by, but not over and over in random intervals. You'd think I'd get used to it after a few minutes but I found it kind of jarring after a while.

I think I need to build some sort of bracket to hold my gpsr to the handlebars on my bike because holding it in my hand works alright on a dike, but it doesn't work all that well on hills in traffic. Either that or I need to fine tune my spidey senses so that I can find tupperware without it.

I dropped off some of my entries for the fair today, including this, and I'm optimistic about it.