Thursday, July 10, 2008


frisbee 2

At the Canada Day festivities we ran into the people from the government employment office, who gave us frisbees and told us to come see them. We haven't gone to see them but we still have the frisbees, which is good because we didn't know where our other frisbees got off to.

Thank goodness people pay their taxes because I like playing frisbee.

The question you are probably asking is whether government issue frisbees work as well as regular ones. I'm happy to say they do, though they're a little light and get kind of buffeted in the wind.

Today it was really windy so the frisbee went all over the place, sometimes with hilarious results. It would speed up or slow down or randomly change directions and the unpredictability of it made it fun.

I used to play with my sister in the park because my parents would nag that I should go outside and exercise and take my sister and bond and have fun or something like that. The truth was that much of the time I thought my sister was annoying as shit because we have polar opposite personalities, and that I was one overweight little kid for quite some time there and it was obvious from looking at me that I abhored exercise of every kind.

Frisbee, though. Frisbee I could do. We used to have this little cloth disk frisbee thing that I could throw at least 100 metres and I'd chuck it and wait for my sister to run and retrieve it like a dog. Eventually we lost that thing and it was replaced with some sort of rubbery donut frisbee that I could throw even further.

It was good because she got to run a lot and I didn't really have to do anything. We'd go inside when she was tired out.

I ran around a lot today though because I'm sore.