Friday, July 25, 2008

Logdriver's walz


The cat's getting old. She's still spastic as can be but she's mellowed out a little. Gone are the days when the smallest thing would make her bolt.

She'd be sitting on your lap and someone would walk in the room or you'd experience the sudden urge to scratch your butt and then she'd turn your legs into mincemeat because she couldn't get off fast enough. If she was sleeping somewhere all you had to do was touch her gently and she'd be off like a shot.

Now she's a brick. If she wants to stay somewhere there's nothing you can do to make her move. This is a problem when I want to go to sleep and she's taking up the prime real estate just below my pillow. Last night I tried to get her to move completely and that didn't work so I tried just shoving her over to the side so that I could carve out a little space for myself.

I spent all night contorted around the cat, occasionally waking up because my arm had fallen asleep or because I was accidentally elbowing her in the eye. My neck's still sore.

The other day I had to wake up early to get to an appointment and she was sleeping on top of me. I thought I would lean in towards the centre of the bed and dump her off there so she could go on sleeping. But apparently she didn't like that idea and repositioned so that she was still on top.

I rolled some more and she repositioned. The more I rolled over, the more she tried to stay on top of me so I kept rolling. It was like the logdriver's walz.

I can't believe I just wrote an entire post about sleeping with my cat.