Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm a good candidate for West Nile


My sister and I went up to SFU today so I could give her a bit of a tour and then we did a little hiking around the trails.

We had a little lunchtime incident involving gusts of wind and flying soy sauce. Because of our lack of adequate napkins, Abby ended up with kind of streaky legs, kind of like a bad spray on tan.

Yesterday as I was dropping off my entries at the fair I got a mosquito bite on my right hand. I haven't touched it at all but it's in a spot that gets scraped and brushed against things all the time. Right now my hand looks really swollen and deformed because of it. And it itches! It itches sooo much! You have no idea how much I want to scratch it.

Not only that but somehow I got a mosquito bite on my left butt cheek, and that must have happened sometime yesterday as well. Somehow I didn't notice it until today. Or rather, I noticed it but somehow the persistent itch did not register as a bite in my brain until after I'd scratched it a lot. It's turned into an itchy, burning goose egg the size of a crabapple and I'm sitting on it right now. I'm not impressed.