Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Because let's face it, Julius Caesar was pretty kickass

Announcer: Veni vidi vici.

Erin: It sounds cooler that way but it's just not right.

Becky's Mom: Why's that?

Erin: Well, they're using the ecclesiastical pronunciation there, which isn't wrong, but it's inappropriate for the time period. It's Julius Caesar, right? Well, he's actually not Julius Caesar because he would have pronounced it Yoolius Kaizer. But Caesar used classical Latin, so it would have sounded like wenny widdy weeky.

Just imagine him standing on the banks of the Rubicon, saying wenny widdy weeky! It's just not as kickass.

Becky's Mom: Did you just say kickass?

Erin: Yep.

Becky's Mom: You're funny.