Monday, July 28, 2008

Early mornings on the train


The last time I bothered to wake up at 5am was when I rowed competitively. The only other way you can get me out of bed at that time of day is to pay me. Turns out there are people willing to do that.

I've had a really dismal summer workwise but finally I have something to do for August. Yay for temp work. The only problem with it is that it's in the financial sector, tied to the TSE and the NYSE, which means that on the west coast work starts at 7am. Add to that the fact that because I moved earlier this summer it now takes me an hour and a half to get downtown rather than 20 minutes like it used to and I'm up pretty early. But they are paying for me to get up early so it's good.

So I'm finally able to justify paying two hundred dollars per month for my tranist pass and that means instant freedom for me.

It also means lots more reading time on the train, or rather, falling asleep in my reading. It's weird. One moment I'll be completely lucid and the next I'll be completely out.

With any luck I fall asleep hunched over with my head down. I find my neck gets less sore that way than if I lean into the window or put my head back. More importantly, leaning forward lessens the chance that my jaw will spontaneously drop open. This phenomenon and its effects can easily be summed up in the following equation:

Erin sleeping + open mouth = fountains of drool

The last thing I need in my workday is to wake up at Waterfront Station in a puddle of my own creation.