Friday, August 17, 2007

Recycling makes me feel good.


What do you see here?

I'll tell you what I see. It's a stack of cardboard ice cream boxes on top of a bin marked recycling at Bard on the Beach.

You see, they used to have cardboard recycling bins there for the ice cream boxes but this year they don't. The only available recycling bins are for bottles and cans only, so people dutifully dump their cardboard in the trash cans instead.

But not while we're around. If you start piling cardboard boxes on top of the recycling bins, some people will actually start doing it too. And if they throw the boxes in the garbage, my sister will scold them and fish the boxes out.

And if you do it enough, people will actually start to make the decision themselves. We saw one guy look between the garbage and the recycling bin several times before making his choice. There was a visible moral conflict going on there and eventually recycling won out. I applauded him.

We're saving the world, one insignificant cardboard box at a time. Damn straight we're cool.