Sunday, June 29, 2008

My second 11 years


1997 - I secretly decide that I'm going to become a poet for a living. I write out all my poems in my best handwriting and stick them in a special duotang in case I just happened to run into a literary agent on the playground. (This one is grabbed from my previous post because evidently I'm an idiot that can't count to 11)

1998 - I take exception to the lack of challenging work and patronizing tone used by the staff at middle school and passive aggressively fail everything for both this and next year.

1999 - We rescue a pathetic little bunny who had been abandoned in the park. He was a whirlwind; he arrived, was universally loved, dominated our lives and died all within a few months.

2000 - I get a scholarship for community service that I still haven't spent.

2001 - I am the only one at an information session about something I thought was the school dragonboating team. It wasn't. It was rowing instead, which it turns out was infinitely cooler than dragonboating.

2002 - I have a weird schedule that ensures I have lot of time off when no one in the known world is around. I spend the time sitting by myself in the library, teaching myself useless phrases in German.

2003 - I drop a 400 lb boat on myself. It results in a back injury that still hasn't healed.

2004 - Italy trip, woohoo! Moving to the shithole of the universe! Not woohoo!

2005 - I manage to flip an "unflippable" kayak into the grossness of Burnaby Lake. I shower with a crusty old piece of soap I find in the washroom, use ... um... someone's towel and brush out my hair with a fork because I'm classy like that.

2006 - I daydream the entire year away. Where it went, I don't know.

2007 - In the winter I celebrate having an apartment to myself by doing everything buck naked. I grow out of it once it gets warm enough that I have to keep all the windows open all the time. My desk chair is vinyl.

2008 - This year is apparently not over yet.

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