Thursday, September 18, 2008

Erin, meet graphic tablet.

fun with the wacom tablet

I've been considering getting a graphic tablet for a long time. It's a thought that comes and goes and I've watched the price come down quite a bit. Some time last month I finally decided that I would get one, though I was still undecided as to how much I wanted to spend.

But this being me I haven't done it yet. I tend to put off these sorts of purchases in the hopes that I will either forget I wanted them or someone will buy them for me. Sometimes that works.

One of the classes I'm in this semester entitles me to the combination for one of the media labs in the basement where they have all sorts of fun things, one of which is one of the biggest and nicest Wacom graphic tablets money can buy.

This morning I somehow ended up at school way too early and had an hour and a half to kill. I tried to have a nap but eventually I gravitated toward the lab where I decided to try out the tablet because it's probably a good idea before I go buy something like that for myself anyways.

The above was the result. It took a bit of getting used to and I didn't really get the hang of it, but what I did do was lots of fun. The only problem with this now is that the tablet I tried is about four times as expensive as the one I was actually planning on getting...

This weekend I have to create a visual illustration of a concept. If I get my way, this will involve a torch and that will be fun too.