Friday, September 26, 2008

My not very eventful afternoon

IMG_7562_1It figures that when I arrived at the lab this afternoon the only computer in use was the one attached to the graphic tablet. It's amazing how quickly I've become dependent on that thing. I love it. I hate when I can't have it and I hate even more when the person who's using the computer isn't even touching the thing.

So needless to say I sat and stewed and worked on a project for about half an hour and then I left.


I went to catch my bus and just barely missed it. I decided that standing and waiting for the next one was boring so I'd go wander. I wandered a little too long and missed my second bus so I went wandering again but kept a better eye on my watch.

My life is horribly interesting, eh?

A while ago I thought that since I like alt-country music that maybe I had secretly warmed up to country music. I turned on the radio to hear a song with classic, timeless lyrics:

"Hold my beer while I kiss your girlfriend."

Yep, my aversion to country still stands.