Monday, September 22, 2008

Study snack break


I'm up studying because I have an exam tomorrow. I didn't get nearly the amount of school work done today that I was hoping to do, but at the same time I achieved enough that I won't have to shoot myself because I'm behind.

I made myself a wrap with melted cheeese. It's like a quesadilla only microwaved and therefore not as cool. The wrap itself is one of those novelty flavours with spices and tomato in it that my dad brought home because the Costco free sample ladies got to him.

Right now I'm feeling very ambivalent about the thing. It's quite tasty and oreganoey, but at the same time it's not whole wheat. This brings me to a question that's been nagging me for a long time.

Why is it that the cool flavoured kinds of wraps and breads are always made with white flour? Who are those rotten bastards who decided that they'd make one healthy whole wheat kind, and then eight delicious looking white death kinds to tempt me with? I'm feeling penalized and marginalized for making the conscious decision to not eat ultraprocessed crap that will give me diabetes.

This is a deep and angsty trip into my psyche, I know. I think I will go have some tea now.

What I'm not liking about all this being busy with school is that I seem to miss out on filling my paper journal with all the drivel I've become accustomed to filling it with. I find that the amount of verbal vomit I put in there is somewhat correlated with the quality and creativity of the posts on this blog. The more crap I put there, the less you have to read here.

Not that this post was crap. No, you just watch. In fifty years they'll be assigning it in English courses along with James Joyce's Ulysses.