Monday, September 29, 2008

Your gut knows something you don't.

In spite of my best efforts today was pretty much a wasted day.

I had a design project that I needed to get printed and I headed out to the copy shop where I printed the student union magazine. Their prices are not the cheapest but I thought their service was good and I was happy with the finished product so I figured this would be a good place to print school projects.

Apparently not. I arrived to find it closed, and inside it looked pretty empty and dark.

I had planned to go downtown afterward to take back some library books so that's where I headed, and on my way to the library I stopped off at another place. We opened the file on my flash drive together, and then I left it with them so I could go get some books at the library.

But as I left I had an inexplicable sinking feeling.

You know how you get that feeling in your gut sometimes? Listen to it. Secretly it's trying to tell you that someone at the copy shop is about to reformat your flash drive and lose your file without printing it.

And of course I'm too stupid to have carried a backup with me.