Monday, September 01, 2008

Okay, not all of my summer sucked


A few things didn't suck.

The garden, mostly. I've had more success there than usual, and I cleaned up at the fair because of it, taking a bunch of ribbons as well as best of show for vegetables, fruits and nuts. In fact... now that I think of it that was pretty much the highlight of my summer, as sad as that sounds. And yet, it was so awesome that when I walked around and saw all of the displays and all of the ribbons beside my stuff I couldn't keep myself from giggling maniacally.

I'd orignally planned to blog more regularly about that but I didn't. Anyways, today was carrots and beets. The white icicle carrots kind of taste more like parsnips than carrots.

The other thing? This pair of gloves. They're nowhere near finished yet but I keep picking away at them and I think they're awesome.


I've also managed to meet some people in Maple Ridge who don't suck. They exist!

On top of that I reached 30,000 plays on It's a clear sign that I'm quite addicted to the site and I spend way too much time on my computer, but I don't care because it gives me a chance to show off my awesome taste.

So yes, not everything sucked.