Friday, November 24, 2006

Exercises in spontinaeity

In an effort to be more spontaneous, I wandered the library at school today.

This in itself doesn't sound spontaneous, and it wouldn't be except that I had a set agenda in mind. I was going to pull a bunch of random books from the stacks that had call numbers comprised completely of odd numbers.

Then I was going to find a book about the letter U or something titled "You" or "Ewe" to stack my books against. If all went according to plan then I would take a picture of it and title it "the odds are stacked against you, my friend." But even though there is apparently a book on personal health and hygeine entitled "You" in the library, I was unable to find it. Something to do with it being located in the pedagogical curriculum section where only student teachers go.

And, unfortunately for me, books specifically about the letter U only exist in Sesame Street. I don't know this for sure, but I figure it's a reasonable assumption because my university has a pretty largish linguistics department and if they don't have such books, they probably don't exist.

Not to mention, I'm not in current possesion of my own camera. Our relations are a little strained at this point, as it has decided to move in with my sister for a few days. It tells me that it's because I forgot it under the seat in the car, but I know the real reason has more to do with my extensive use and abuse of the autofocus.

I'm thinking that we can overcome our differences fairly soon though.

Until then you're going to have to settle for a crude picture of a lobster that I drew for no apparent reason.